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Releasedate Katalog-Nr. EAN-Code Bandname Albumname
13.04.2018 ISR064-18/CD 4260255244550 WITCHTOWER/BLACKSLASH A Tribut To Randy (Split CD; IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
20.04.2018 ISR068-18/CD 4260255244765 CULT OF THE FOX By The Styx (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
PSPCD019 1910615902868 ASCENDANT A Thousand Echoes (PURE STEEL PUBLISHING)
27.04.2018 KR108-HMC041 4260255244727 STRANGER The Bell
PSRCD159 4260255244864 THRUST Harvest Of Souls
PSRCD160 4260255244888 WEAPON UK Rising From The Ashes
ISR 066-18/C 4260255244741 KRULL The Black Coast (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
04.05.2018 ISR 068-18/C 4260255244499 BLACKSLASH Lightning Strikes Again (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
11.05.2018 KR082 LP 4260255244697 DAWN HAWK Dawn Hawk
PPRLP003 4260255244703 BLEEDING Elementum
PSRLP0079 4260255244871 SHADOWKEEP ShadowKeep
KR109-HMC042 4260255244901 STORMWIND Taken by Storm
ISR 063-18/C 4260255244574 MADHOUSE Metal Or Die (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
18.05.2018 ISR 070-18/C 4260255244772 NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE Time Is The Fire (IRON SHIELD RECORDS)
25.05.2018 PSRLP077 4260255244628 OLD SEASON Beyond The Black
08.06.2018 PSPCD018 4260255244857 FANTASY OPUS The Last Dream (PURE STEEL PUBLISHING)
22.06.2018 PSRCD162 4260255244932 WOLFEN Rise Of the Lycans
PSRLP075 4260255244390 RAGE Execution Guaranteed (black and transparent red/black splatter)